Our Cleaning Service





We offer a packing service using the latest purpose made materials and
traditional skills to ensure the safest possible journey for your belongings.
Packing is a specialist skill, so we always recommend that you leave it
to our professional staff.

Our removers wrap every piece of furniture individually.
Upholstery is protected with individual
covers and we pack your clothes into portable wardrobes and CDs into
special cartons. Particularly vulnerable items can be packed into their own
specially made timber cases.

All parcels and packages are also clearly marked
with the room that they came from or which room they are going to,
this ensures that you do not arrive at you new home to a kitchen full of tools
and a garage full of linen.

We provide a variety of packing Services as listed below to cater for your individual needs and budgets. Please see below for further details.

Our carefully selected staffs are well groomed and smartly uniformed, organized
in teams thoroughly trained on modern cleaning techniques able of delivering a consistent service.









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Looking for Moving boxes for big moves and small moving supply boxes delivered.
All our new removal boxes and moving supplies are brand new, assured fresh, clean and bug free.

Moving Boxes & Packing Materials Can Be Delivered Well In Advance Before Your Moving Day.

Packing Products that Our Removals Offers:

Boxes (all supplied folded flat).
C181820 - Standard box - 18x18x20 inches - £3.40.
C181810 - China & glass box - 18x18x10 inches - £2.55..
C181212 - Book box (also useful for videos and CDs) - 18x12x12 inches - £1.40.

Make sure you have the right boxes for the job. We offer a variety of standard sizes to help
make your packing easier.

Our small carton boxes are well-suited for the following items:
Books, Tools, Heavy kitchen items, Special collectables, Videos, CD collections
Non-perishable food cans and jars

You'll probably use medium carton boxes for the majority of your
household items:

Toys, Pots & pans, Small appliances, Larger knick-knacks, Office supplies,
Pantry items, Bathroom items, Electronics

Large carton boxes are perfect for:
Stuffed toys, Linens, Lamp shades, Clothes, Larger, light-weight items, Lamps

Extra-large carton boxes are big enough to handle light-weight
bulky items, such as
Pillows, Cushions, Comforters, Blankets, Curtains, Large Christmas Decorations

We also have wardrobe boxes, in both short and long lengths, so all you have to do is transfer your
hanging clothes from your closest straight onto the sturdy rod inside
the box, hanger and all. Fill up the bottoms of these boxes with your shoes, handbags
and belts, being careful to keep the box to a manageable weight.

File Moving Boxes:
Our professional file boxes will hold legal and letter files and keep you organised.
Each file box comes with an attached lid and requires no tape - simply fold and lock the tabs in place.

Packing Tape:
The roll bundle is enough to seal about 100 medium boxes and it is very strong and durable.

Mattress Cover:
Great Protection from dust, dirt and stains for any size mattress and other large items and it is
vented to prevent ballooning.

Bubble Wrap:
Protect your belongings with our big bundles of bubble wrap. It is 12" wide x 100 Feet and
perforated for easy separation with medium-sized bubble's that won't pop. Ideal for moving and protecting glass
and other fragile items.


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